14 Days Solo Camping in the Yukon Wilderness – E.8 – Wolf Calls & Forest Fires

Forest fires can be a danger on far flung wilderness travel adventures. After canoeing in the cold rain for a long time, I rounded a corner and saw smoke in the hills. Fortunately, the fire was out but it was still smouldering and the smoke hurt my eyes.

The next day, after watching a cinnamon black bear, I did some portaging and saw remnants from the 1898 Klondike gold rush. Goldrush history remains a big part of the Yukon’s draw. Not far off of the portage trail I found an old native burial ground. I’ve heard it said that “every trail has a story” and it was easy to tell that this trail’s story was rich. I was happy to add to another chapter in it. The book by that nake that I mention in the video is by Bob Henderson.

It was not long after portaging and soloing whitewater that I made the decision to paddle through the night to meet the shuttle in mayo the following day. It was either camp out in one spot for three days, or arrive in Mayo early and have to pay about $1000 to fly back to Whitehorse with all my gear. I decided to paddle and it got darker than I thought it would. It was overcast and raining for much of the marathon paddle too and it felt never-ending.

Late in the evening, I’d just turned on my GoPro when I heard the loud howls of a pack of wolves. They were close and I tried howling to see if I could get them to come into view. I didn’t end up seeing them but it was an awesome experience.

My mind started playing tricks on my in the darkness, and I had trouble navigating through a series of islands and sand bars but I pushed on. At first light, I rounded a large S-bend in the river and something caught my eye. Zooming in with my camera I saw that it was a floatplane. I’d made it! I’d compleated 100 kilometres of paddling on one 17-hour, marathon push and finished my trip at 4:00am on Day-11, thee days ahead of schedule. What a trip!

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