Alexandra Falls, Northwest Territories, Canada

A short distance after crossing into the Northwest Territories from Alberta, I saw the signs for Twin Falls Territorial Park along the Mackenzie Highway 1. My wife Tori and I were on an epic camper van trip to Yellowknife, and stopping at Twin Falls proved to be one of the highlights of our road trip. Alexandra Falls is one of two impressive falls, only a short distance from each other on the Hay River, Alexandra is the tallest and most powerful of the two. In winter, the 105 foot falls becomes totally encased in ice, and you can cross country ski up the succeeding gorge right to it’s base. The falls lies a short walk off the highway and Twin Falls Territorial Park offers camping. More amazingly, Alexandra Falls is one of several impressive falls that lies on the Northwest Territories renown Waterfalls Route, which is part of the larger Deh Cho Travel Connection.

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