Bioservo is bringing NASA’s real-life Power Glove down to earth

Technology behind RoboGlove, an exo-muscular device that enhances  strength and grip through leading-edge sensors, actuators and tendons that are comparable to the nerves, muscles and tendons in a human hand, is being licensed to Bioservo Technologies AB, a Swedish medical technologies company that will combine RoboGlove with its owner patented SEM glove technology, resulting in a glove that GM will purchase for testing in several of its plants next year. If you’ve ever had to hold a wrench in place for any lengthy of time exerting a decent amount of force, you know it sucks. NASA also knew it sucked, and doubly so when you’re floating in space, so they created the RoboGlove, a battery-powered force-multiplying glove that lets you add some power and longevity to your grip. Now, RoboGlove is coming to earth-bound humans thanks to… Read More