Canoeing Strokes For Whitewater

I shot this video while on my trip down Northern Saskatchewan’s Porcupine River. To make it down the river I needed to use several whitewater strokes which I cover in this video. Learn the basics of the draw, and cross draw strokes, the pry, back paddle, and both the high brace and low brace.



there’s a teen whitewater strokes you

want to know when you’re going to tackle

some whitewater and that’s whether

you’re going solo or you’re going tandem

so the first one we’re going to start

with is the draw basically the draws

you’re going to paddle out to the side

tuck your elbow in towards your body and

draw the water towards you draw a stroke

when you’re paddling so low will side

flip your boat it’ll make your boat

drift directly sideways like this so the

opposite of the draw is the cross draw

you reach over draw the water in and

slice your paddle up forward like that

but when you get into those rapids when
they’re really pushy you want to slow

down and in whitewater you gain control

over your boat by paddling either faster

or slower than the current another

really important thing to know is the

back stroke and that’s basically just

paddling backwards like that one of the

key things in whitewater that’ll make

you more comfortable and I’ll get you

down the rapids is knowing how to brake

let’s say I’m jumping to my right side

like this I’m going to slap the water

and push myself back up the high brace

will save you from tipping to your off

side differing like this throw my body

weight over this way and catch my body

weight with my paddle and that will save

you from tipping and one more really key

whitewater stroke is the pry use the

gunnel to balance the paddle and when

you’re in whitewater a really good thing

to do is pump another thing that’s going

to help you wrap it is a spray deck it’s

basically a tarp that’s custom-made to

fit over the top of the canoe and that

means if you bomb a big way you can use

less likely to fill up and swamp with

water those are a few things you want to

keep in mind when you’re going to tackle

some whitewater learn them get out there

in practice and have some fun bombing

some wraps


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