Climbing Pleasant Mountain in Maine with Views of Mt. Washington

– For those who doubt my facts: 2015 study on rehydrating with beer:

Our Trek:

Reaching a height of 2000 feet, Pleasent Mountain rises abruptly from the west side of Moose Pond near Bridgton Maine. The 112-year old Camp Winona is perfectly situated on Moose Pond, which in reality is a medium-sized lake. Tori and I arrived at camp Winona a day early for the Maine Canoe Symposium which I’d been asked to present at and instruct several workshops at.

When asking some locals about hiking opportunities in the area, we came up with “Ledges Trail” and “Bald Peak Trail” which met at the summit of Pleasant Mountain and saw that both trails could be taken to form a perfect loop for a day hike of low-end, intermediate difficulty. Better still, we would get a beautiful view of the snow-covered, Mt Washington from the tip. It wasn’t long into our climb before the views got good and the weather was perfect! It took us under an hour to reach the summit where we hung out for a bit, ate some food and enjoyed a beer.

The descent down Bald Peak Trail was beautiful. It was quite steep at times though, but not nearly as steep as our ascent up Ledges Trail. It was longer however and did not provide quite as many views. None the less, there were some beautiful open areas as well as a gorgeous canyon and crystal clear creek. It wasn’t too long before we were back at the Jeep. The rental car place offered me an upgrade for 10$ a day and I was an easy sale. Turns out, the convertible hard top Jeep Wrangler is about the coolest vehicle you can drive in the state of Maine. Tori and I took the top off and drove back to camp Winona feeling about as free as a couple of birds. We missed our 11-month old son Wesley but we knew he was in good hands with family back home and we guiltily enjoyed our little baby-free adventure.

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