First Backcountry Camping Trip With Baby and Epic Fireside Feast

Early last week, Tori, Wesley, our dog Buck and I headed out on a local lake with plans of doing a couple short portages to reach a pristine backcountry lake by canoe. Our plans were to do a one-night camping trip. Water temps are cold at this time of year and that, plus windy conditions added a little more concern and danger to the outing. Wesley, our 11-month old was not really having it. Tori and took too long to pack and Wesley missed his nap and got grumpy. He cried and cried for the first 4 kilometers of paddling which made things…less enjoyable (to say the least). Passing a beautiful island campsite on a remote and undeveloped bay, we decided to compromise and make camp early, so I suppose, in the end, this was not a backcountry camping trip. But we learned that when traveling with a baby, things can be unpredictable and you have to go with the flow and compromise. Did I mention there was also a frost advisory that night? Out of the norm for this time of year here but it’s been a late season and that’s why I always make sure to bring warm blankets for the baby and a four-season sleeping bag. The next day, Tori and I explored the island a little and found blooming blueberry bushes and some different wildflower species…..that’s around when the rain picked up. And it was pretty steady. This made things a little more challenging but we were able to shelter Wesley with an umbrella and tarp and we all enjoyed the tranquil paddle back to the truck in the drizzling rain. In all, it was a memory I will never forget, and though it was challenging at times, we learned a lot about canoe tripping with a baby and made memories we will both cherish.


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