Heavy Rain – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 11

In this video, We deal with some heavy rain while on our canoe trip down the Natashquan River, and I share some tips on being prepared for rising water levels.  

This is about the hardest. It’s brain yet on our trip luckily we had our tarp set up from last night and just left

And I don’t think we’re going to be traveling anywhere, so this cools off

I’m just going to take a chance out of coffee and send a little message

Update my Facebook page with this thing – believe it or not, make the rain

Our strain right now just day off today. I don’t know

Over the inreach one of the great things about it

You can get a weather report for the village and attach spawn there was a rainfall warning

I pulled the canoe even higher up unto the gravel bar to the highest point. I could tied it around a big boulder

I flipped it upside down I even put a boulder on top of the canoe

Always a smart thing to do to get your canoe far away from the water

Site there aints lecounte. It’s not even drizzling anymore. It looks like the sun is partially coming out

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