La Cloche Silhouette Trail with a Baby E3

For those of you who’ve seen E1 and 2 of me and Tori Goes Outside’s adventure of hiking Killarney Park’s La Cloche Silhouette Trail with our baby. You might remember seeing our dog Buck get hurt on the trail and me mounting a fantastical rescue mission (you may also still be reeling from the emotional rollercoaster). In this, 3ed and final episode from our adventure, we share what we ended up doing for plan B.

Unfortunately, save for one evening, the weather was pretty miserable with lots of rain and wind. Continuing our trip by canoe and then leaving our campsite on Lake of Three Narrows, we paddled into a bay and bushwhacked into a dry creek bead which we followed up in elevation to the La Cloche Silhouette Trail. We then hiked up and up with our son Wesley in a carrier until we reached a beautiful vantage point, but we had to rush down to finish the hike before dark.

After some paddling into headwinds, a 3.5lb Bass and some long portages, we completed our journey. We both agree that travelling in nature with our son like this struck a primal chord in us that bonded us closer to our baby and to nature.

Check out our adventures here in episode 3 of this trip! and please subscribe to my YouTube channel(Jim Baird – Adventurer) for more.

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