Man and His Dog Alone in the Arctic – E.3

Man and his dog alone in the Arctic continues as my dog Buck and I keep trekking along the Baffin Island coast. The weather remains good but we cross Polar Bear tracks. Polar Bears and humans have had some encounters in the area and by the tracks, I could tell that the bears might still be in the area.

With another perfect day and seemingly stable weather in my hands, that morning I decided to take down my canvas tent before packing up most of my stuff inside it. This is possible as the canvas tent doesn’t have a floor. I show how to disassemble tent poles that are frozen together, and I share how I pack up my Coleman Double Burner Stove.

After crossing Polar Bear tracks a twice, I was a little nervous. Then, not long after I saw the tracks, I spotted what I thought were two figures about 4kms in the distance. Using my camcorder like binoculars, I zoomed in and found that they were in fact not Polar Bears, though I wasn’t sure what they were. Not long after that, I made camp on a perfect evening. The following day, Day-5, I found out that what I’d thought was a bear was in fact just an abandoned snowmobile. I’m not sure why I’d thought I saw two things but I think the second thing was a shadow.

Continuing on, Buck found what I thought was a seal breathing hole and he was very interested in it. I think in the end I decided it was actually a seal den as seals build their dens in the sea ice. That night, I camped in a beautiful spot at the base of towering cliffs. It was challenging to steak my tent with the low snow conditions so I had to improvise. I was only about 12kms from Akshayuk Pass at this point and the scenery was getting more and more stunning with every step.

The weather had been perfect so far on this trip! And because of this, I was able to travel wearing very little clothing which means I didn’t sweat much when I walked fast so, I’d made good time and was ahead of schedule. I knew this near-perfect weather wasn’t going to last long though.

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