Roasting Waterfowl The Cree Way

In this video, I share how to Sakabaun waterfowl. I do it with a duck here, but the same thing works with Goose. Sakabaun is a Cree word that means The Goose That are Strung / Spun. It’s a traditional Cree way of cooking goose that I learn in Moosonee, Ontario, Canada from the James Bay Cree who are excellent goose hunters.



see Ron the porcupine River northern

Saskatchewan and I was able to jump

shoot a yearling duck I’m gonna roast

this over the fire and I’m gonna do it

in a way that was taught to me by the

cree natives in Moosonee ontario it’s

called Sokka bond which technically

means the goose that are strung up and

spun gonna pluck it out here best to

take the wings off at the first joint

and there’s our plucked duck admittedly

not the best plucking job it’s good to

get a good fire good coals and have a

lot of wood in store what I’m gonna do

this time I’m going to tie in another

stick from one tree to the other tree

that’s gonna be more or less right

beside the fire and I’m gonna hang my

duck off that cut a little branch off a

tree thick enough to support the ducks

weight that’s nice and sharp on either

end cut open the parachute cord and just

take a couple strands out of it now I’m

just gonna tie a bowline knot at the

bottom we’re gonna take this stick that

we sharpened right through there I’m

just gonna loop it right over that stick

just gonna tie this off right here and

we have a roast duck the Cree way make

sure it keeps spinning so every once in

a while just spin it back up but it’ll

spin back and forth like that for a

while I’m thinking that ducks gonna take

maybe now or maybe a bit more depending

on the heat of the fire okay that’s been

roasting for a while


absolutely delicious

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