Ungava Episode 2: Setting Up Your Tent in a Blizzard

It’s 20k to the head of Wakeham Bay which was my first day, with all my gear. Day-2 I started heading up in elevation towards the plateau. I had a really scary experience in these first days of the trip when I had to set my tent up in a ripping blizzard. I ended up not setting it up as high as I could have, after that, I just set it up lower to the ground for the rest of the trip. Once I’d finally made it onto the plateau I’d climbed over 2000′ in elevation. Anyone who’s hauled sledges in winter knows that even hauling up a small hill is very challenging. It was a very very physically demanding journey to make it to Pingualuit Crater. At the end of each day, I was exhausted, and this was the beginning of the trek when my outfit was the heaviest. In a cabin near Pingualuit, I noticed the temperature was about 10 degrees colder than it was 200′ lower on the ocean. In the safety of the cabin, I hoped for good weather and looked forward to exploring Pingualuit crater the next day.

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