Winter Paddling & New Winter Camping Wood Stove

Tori and I picked up a new wood stove from Lure of the North. They are a great provider of outdoor gear, including such delights as hand made mukluks and they also lead traditional winter camping trips in Northern Ontario. Check out a link to their website below.

When you buy a new wood stove, the type that’s meant for use in a winter camping canvas tent, you need to burn it off first to get rid of the factory chemical or oil finish on the outside of it – or you’ll smoke yourself out of your tent! My wife Tori did the honours of burning the stove off in preparation for our upcoming winter camping trip.

While she was doing that, I remembered someone recently asking me if I ever do any winter paddling? No, was my answer but I thought, why not give it a shot? After all, the river in front of my house stays open all year in a lot of places due to the strong current. So, after the stove was burning well, Tori did the honours of filming me undertaking what was the earliest in the year that I’ve ever paddled. I portaged the canoe down the river, climbed in and played around a little in the current. It was a relatively warm evening despite the fact that it was late January. It felt absolutely great to get on the water and it was very interesting to see winter from the perspective the canoe offers. The canoe is a Nova Craft 15′ Prospector in Blue Steel with Ash Gunwales.

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